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If you are accused of Voyeurism you need an experienced and aggressive attorney who understands these cases and how to defend you. Voyeurism is a felony sex offense in Washington, and if you are convicted of this offense you will be required to register as a sex offender for a minimum of ten years and face the possibility of a long jail or prison sentence. Voyeurism charges can range from the so-called “peeping Tom” looking through the windows to a growing number of more sophisticated and technology based means of spying.

Technology Plays a Leading Role in Voyeurism Charges

At the Meryhew Law Group we see a growing number of Voyeurism charges resulting from people discovering and exploring the capabilities of increasingly sophisticated surveillance technology. With video cameras so small they can be placed almost anywhere, a growing number of people are finding themselves in trouble for poor choices. And as technology advances and cameras get even smaller, more will be tempted to engage in this behavior, which is considered by some to be the most commonly committed sex crime.

What Is Voyeurism? What does the Government Have to Prove to Find you Guilty?

Voyeurism is essentially any type of spying on another person who believes they have privacy, when done for sexual purposes. Under Washington law, a person is guilty of Voyeurism if they intentionally view, photograph or film, for the purposes of arousing or gratifying the sexual desires of any person, either: (1) A person who is unaware of and has not consented to being viewed, photographed or filmed in a place where they would have a reasonable expectation of privacy, or (2) The intimate parts of another person who is unaware of and has not consented to being viewed, photographed or filmed, whether in a public or private place.

Treatment for Voyeurs?

There is very effective treatment available for those who engage in Voyeurism compulsively or chronically. The American Psychiatric Association has classified certain voyeuristic fantasies, urges and behavior patterns as a paraphilia, or sexual deviance. The APA defines voyeurism as the act of looking at “unsuspecting individuals, usually strangers, who are naked, in the process of disrobing, or engaging in sexual activity”. The diagnosis would not be given to people who experience typical sexual arousal simply by seeing nudity or sexual activity. There is also a strong rate of co-occurrence between voyeurism and exhibitionistic behavior, with some experts estimating that more than half of voyeurs also engage in exhibitionism.

Treatment for Voyeurism typically involves cognitive behavioral therapy along with efforts to recondition the person’s arousal system away from voyeuristic activities. At the Meryhew Law Group we have worked with many clients facing these issues, and we are very experienced at getting clients through the evaluation process and into appropriate and effective treatment programs.

Seattle Voyeurism Attorney

If you have been accused of Voyeurism, or if you are engaging in this behavior and want to stop before you are arrested, contact the Meryhew Law Group today for a free initial consultation.

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