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Defending Against Sexual Allegations - It Isn’t Easy

Sex Crime Defense Lawyers in Washington

In general, there are two aspects to defending someone accused of a sex crime. First, there are questions of evidence, intent, and mistakes on the part of investigators that can affect the prosecution's cases against the accused. Secondly, if convicted, there are mental health, personal history, and public safety issues the court can take into consideration when sentencing someone convicted of a sex crime.

The Meryhew Law Group, PLLC has been a leader in the legal community in defending those charged with sex offenses in Seattle and throughout Washington. Brad Meryhew recently authored a book chapter on "Strategies for Defending Sex Crimes: Leading Lawyers on Understanding the Current Sex Crimes Environment and Building a Thorough Defense (Inside the Minds)"

Strategies for Defending Sex Crimes: Leading Lawyers on Understanding the Current Sex Crimes Environment and Building a Thorough Defense (Inside the Minds)

Seattle Sex Crime Defense Attorney

At The Meryhew Law Group, our attorney work with forensic experts, lab technicians, investigators, psychologists, and private investigators to challenge the charges against our clients. We meticulously review the actions of police officers, investigators, child examiners, and police forensic personnel in order to expose mistakes, constitutional violations, and ignored evidence on the part of the prosecution.

Regardless whether you've been arrested or are currently under investigation for a sex crime, contact criminal defense lawyers at The Meryhew Law Group today.

Defending Clients Against Sex Crime Charges

In challenging the prosecution's case against our client, our office reviews and considers the following issues, depending on the facts of a case:

Consent Defense

In cases involving rape and sexual assault, consent is an important issue. Is there enough evidence to clearly indicate sexual relations were not consensual? Does the alleged victim have a history of making similar claims? Does the alleged victim suffer from depression, drug or alcohol addiction, or have a personal animus towards the client? What were the circumstances surrounding the alleged rape?

  • Age Defense
    • If an under-age teenager uses a fake ID to gain entry into a bar or age-restricted venue, the accused may have had no reason to assume the teen was under-age. In cases involving child pornography, is there clear evidence or reason to think that a photo was intended to be one of an under-age teen? Can it be proven that the material was consumed precisely because it was supposed to be of an under-age subject?
  • Trafficking in Juvenile Prostitutes
    • In the state of Washington, in order to be convicted for trafficking in juvenile prostitutes, it most be proven that a sexual patron saw the juvenile's ID indicating that he or she was under-age.
  • False Memory Syndrome
    • Researchers have shown that in some cases, children and adults claim terrible traumatic events happened that in fact never happened. In order to show that a memory is a false memory, eyewitnesses may be called or evidence presented that indicates aspects of a memory do not align with known facts.
  • Physical Characteristics
    • In rape and molestation cases, the alleged victim should be able to identify certain unique physical characteristics of the accused. In some cases, the inability to identify unique physical characteristics may be grounds for a case's dismissal.
    Defending Clients Against Sex Crime Sentencing
  • Victim of Sexual Abuse
    • Research has shown that victims of sexual abuse themselves are prone to becoming abusers as adults. While this does not excuse their behavior, the court may recommend counseling or treatment instead of a lengthy prison sentence.
  • Use of Psychotropic Prescription Drugs
    • Research has shown that some psychotropic drugs can distort libido and perceptions of reality. Again, while it is not exculpatory by itself, the court may reduce a sentence in light of certain kinds of medical information.
  • Depression or other Mental Problems
    • People who suffer from depression, schizophrenia, or other mental conditions may have a distorted sense of self, of pleasure, or of what constitutes a real person. If diagnosed with a mental illness, the court may order treatment instead of incarceration.
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If you've been arrested or are under investigation for a sex crime, it's important to remember that the police will not tell you everything they know or think. Don't make the mistake of thinking you can talk your way out of being charged or being arrested. Before you say anything to investigators, contact sex crimes defense attorney at the office of The Meryhew Law Group today.

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