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Allegations of Child Sexual Abuse

Allegations of child sex abuse can quickly snowball into your worst nightmare unless you act fast to put strong legal representation on your side. The stakes are too high, and the risks too great, to just hope this problem goes away.

Seattle Sexual Child Abuse Attorney

If you have been accused of child sexual abuse, contact an experienced Seattle child sex abuse defense lawyer at The Meryhew Law Group, PLLC.

False Allegations of Child Sex Abuse

There are many reasons a false allegation of child sex abuse may be made. Negative attitudes about someone, suggestive questioning of the child and outright coaching can be behind these charges. Distinguishing valid allegations from false allegations can be very difficult unless your attorney has the experience and training to spot these issues and expose them.

An allegation may be false but the accuser may still believe it is true. A child can often be convinced they experienced something which did not happen. By nature, children are susceptible to suggestions by authority figures and can even come to believe that those things happened when they did not. We work with experts in false memory, coaching, and child interviewing to get at the reason these accusations are made and the reason the child has come to believe those allegations.

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As child sex abuse defense attorneys, we have considerable experience and great skill when it comes to interviewing children, parents and experts. We have reviewed the academic literature and are familiar with interviewing and investigating methods. We know how these cases should be investigated in order to avoid the likelihood of false memories. We also know the common mistakes overzealous prosecutors and child interviewers make in trying to prepare child sex abuse cases. We use this knowledge and experience to aggressively defend our clients whenever false allegations have been made.

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"Smart; professional; and ethical, Brad is an excellent source of information and resources. He showed genuine concern for our family. Brad's advice and counsel at the free initial meeting was priceless. He even helped us locate appropriate counseling. "

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Just so you all know this man is a GOD sent and has my complete blessing and gratitude. [Brad] is one of the most honest and forthright human beings that I have ever met...and he saved my life. Daniel