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What if You’re Guilty?

In many of our cases our clients have confessed to the crimes they are accused of before we ever meet them. Most attorneys will tell you that the confession was the worst thing the person could do. At the Meryhew Law Group we take a little different perspective. We know that sometimes the best thing a person can do is confess early and often. Sex offenses are different from other crimes in many ways, but one of the biggest ways is the importance of taking responsibility and owning your behavior in many of the cases we see. In many cases, the client who admits their mistake and does not blame others or make excuses for their behavior is a lot more likely to avoid prison than the client who denies the truth. Instead of the confession being the worst fact in a case, we sometimes see it as the best fact and the biggest reason our clients should be given a break and allowed to pursue treatment instead of a long prison sentence.

Our Approach When Our Client Has Confessed

A confession or admission of responsibility for at least some of what is alleged against them is the first step in getting the treatment and support that will insure this doesn’t happen again. We like to begin this process as soon as possible, sometimes even months before charges are actually filed, to get as far ahead as we can. A client who has confessed will almost invariably need a psychosexual evaluation in order to assess their need for treatment, their amenability to treatment, and their risk to the community if they are allowed to do treatment rather than go to prison. This evaluation is a critical stage in the process, and must be done before a person can enroll in treatment. At the Meryhew Law Group we have pioneered a method for preparing a client for a psychosexual evaluation that improves your chance of success by emphasizing the critical importance of complete honesty in the process.

Once the evaluation is done we ask our clients to immediately enroll in specialized sex offender treatment with a certified provider. This treatment is typically done in a group setting, though it can be done individually as well for clients who have needs the group cannot accommodate. Group therapy helps the clients build a stronger understanding of what will be expected of them as their case proceeds, and many of our clients have several months of treatment under their belts before their case is resolved. That gives them a huge advantage in their own ability to plan for the consequences of a sex offense conviction, and it gives the attorneys at the Meryhew Law Group a huge advantage in negotiating the cases with the Prosecutor, as well as demonstrating the client’s seriousness to the Court for sentencing. Being proactive insures the best possible outcome in Court, and helps our clients to address and overcome their many anxieties about their future with a sex offense on their record.

Sentencing Alternatives for Those Who Admit Their Offense

Washington law provides for a sentencing alternative to a long prison sentence for sex offenders who admit their offenses and meet other criteria. The Special Sexual Offender Sentencing Alternative (SSOSA) is available to offenders who are charged with a sex offense but have no prior sex offenses. Under SSOSA an offender will be sentenced to anywhere from 0 to 12 months in the County Jail, and then be released into the community to complete sex offender treatment and follow a very strict set of rules regarding their behavior in the community. The Court also imposes a long prison sentence, but that sentence is suspended so long as the person continues to do well in sex offender treatment and does not commit any major violations of the strict rules they must follow. If they do violate those rules, or if they are charged with a new crime, their suspended sentence can be revoked, and they are sent to prison to serve that term.

Seattle Sex Crimes Defense Attorneys

If you have already confessed to a sexual offense, or if you want to but don’t know how, please contact the Meryhew Law Group to arrange a free initial consultation with an experienced sex crimes defense attorney who can help you understand how to turn that confession into an advantage to you rather than a disadvantage. Call the Meryhew Law Group today for a free initial consultation.

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Just so you all know this man is a GOD sent and has my complete blessing and gratitude. [Brad] is one of the most honest and forthright human beings that I have ever met...and he saved my life. Daniel