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The Meryhew Law Group in the Media

Local Sex Offenders Sue to Keep their Information Private.
KIRO TV December 16, 2013

Brad Meryhew is quoted in an article about recent efforts by a Washington resident to obtain all information in regards to Level I sex offenders around the state so that she can post this previously private information on the Internet. Our client’s have been the plaintiffs, and Brad Meryhew provided an expert Declaration regarding the harm this release of information would cause.

Ex-Kent Meridian teacher, coach receives five-day jail sentence for sex crime.
Kent Reporter February 22, 2013

The Meryhew Law Group has extensive experience representing high-profile cases of alleged sexual abuse, including coaches, teachers, pastors and local celebrities.

Washington Legislature proposal would remove marital exception for rape.
The Associated Press January 29, 2013

Brad Meryhew testified against removing the marital exception of rape for actions between married partners who touched each other in a sexual way while asleep. His commons sense arguments were rejected, and today a married person who touches their spouse while the person is asleep can be charged with a felony sex offense in Washington.

Proposal would remove marital exception for rape.
KOMO TV January 29, 2013

Brad Meryhew’s testimony to the Washington Legislature in regards to removing the marital exception for rape received widespread coverage.

Bill would require Parents be notified if sex offenders attend schools.
Q13 Fox TV News January 18, 2013

Brad Meryhew was interviewed by the media in regards to this proposal. Testimony regarding this Bill before the Washington Legislature by a 14 year old Meryhew Law Group client about the impact this Bill would have on him essentially killed this idea, which was not reintroduced in the next Legislative session.

‘Sex offender registration got you down?’ Call us.
Seattle Post-Intelligencer October 30, 2012

Controversial Ad sparks debate over sex offender registry
KOMO TV News October 29, 2012

Sex Offender Research and News,
sexoffenderresearch.blogspot.com October 30, 2012

The Meryhew Law Group’s efforts to reach out to registered sex offenders and offer them help upset some readers, and made sense to others. This ad received widespread coverage, and is still found every week on the back page of the Seattle Stranger.

Attorney urges lawmakers to change sex offender registry.
SO Action Group June 29, 2012

Seattle attorney wants changes to sex offender registry.
MyNorthwest.com June 7, 2012

Brad Meryhew has been a fierce and consistent advocate for juveniles convicted of sex offenses, and in this testimony before the Washington Legislature he makes the case for automatic expiration of sex offender registration for juvenile offenders and other reforms to the registration and community notification laws.

Sex Offender at 12, Punished for Life.
KIRO Radio May 3, 2012

Brad Meryhew makes the case that juvenile sex offenders must be treated differently than adults, and more humanely than we currently treat them.

Prairie student’s arrest on rape charge raises questions, concerns.
The Columbian, Clark County May 1, 2012

In his role as a member of the Sex Offender Policy Board, Brad Meryhew has been involved in several task forces and workgroups on particular issues, including this case study of the event surrounding the release and reoffense by a young man in high school in Vancouver, Washington.

Washington’s Screwed-Up Sex-Offender Registry: How leaving cops to sort out who’s dangerous can change lives in an instant.
Seattle Weekly August 30, 2011

Brad Meryhew has been a consistent critic of the way that offender’s sex offender community notification Levels are set in Washington, and has advocated for greater reliance on empirically validated risk assessment tools and a greater reliance on state agencies to set an offenders Level.

Life on the List: Does publicly posting names of convicted sex offenders actually reduce the number of sexual offenses?
The American Prospect April 4, 2011

Brad Meryhew is quoted extensively in this comprehensive look at how sex offender functions in the United States and why it may not be achieving its goals.

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