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Police Investigations of Sex Offenses

Sex Crime Investigations in Washington

When you first realize that you are being investigated for a sexual offense it can be terrifying. You come home from work and there is a Detective’s card in your front door. You get a call from someone who tells you that someone else has contact the Police. A social worker or someone from Child Protective Services (CPS) may appear on your doorstep claiming to investigate the safety of your home for your child. Or worst of all, you may wake up to your house being invaded by several Police officers as they execute a search warrant at your home. In each case, investigators or government workers are interested in gathering whatever incriminating evidence they can in preparing charges against a suspect.

Seattle Sex Crime Investigation Lawyers

At The Meryhew Law Group, we take a very proactive approach when we advise and represent clients under investigation for sex crimes. We believe that sitting on your hands will only ensure that you are charged with a life changing crime. But if we can get involved and develop facts and evidence that calls the allegations into question, things can be different. And sometimes we actually recommend that you do give an interview to the police, but only after careful consideration and preparation. If we are involved early enough, we may be able to change the course of an investigation where there isn't enough evidence or enough credible evidence to justify going forward with the investigation. We may even convince the Police that you are innocent.

If you've been contacted by police or agency personnel regarding an alleged sex crime, contact sex crimes investigation attorney at The Meryhew Law Group today to schedule an appointment and discuss your case. Do not discuss these allegations with the Police under any circumstances until you have talked with an experienced attorney. Also avoid confiding in a counselor, a Pastor or anyone else before you talk to an experienced sex offense defense attorney and have their advice first. You may be talking to someone who will have a duty to go to the Police. There are many ways to make things worse if you don’t start by talking to an attorney first.

Hiring an attorney does not make you look guilty. Many clients feel that if they are innocent and have nothing to hide, they can handle this themselves. Until they find themselves in the middle of an unrecorded and hostile interrogation being conducted by two Detectives with rapid fire questions. Those interrogators will decide what you said and will write down what they say you said. Your innocence will not protect you when the people doing the interrogation believe you are guilty and are looking for ways to prove that.

What to Do When the Police Want to Talk to You

Approach any contact with the Police with a great deal of caution. If you are not with your lawyer and prepared for a conversation the best thing to tell the Police, using exactly these words, is “I don’t want to answer any questions until my attorney is present.” Period. Do not waffle or hint you want an attorney. Say you want an attorney very clearly. In that situation you are too vulnerable to try to do this on your own. The police will not tell you everything they know regarding you or the case that is being prepared against you. In fact, a warrant for your arrest may already be in the process when police contact you. Or they may not have enough to arrest you unless you agree to talk to them by yourself. Don’t be the one to give them the “evidence” they use to arrest you.

Don't assume that you can talk your way out of being arrested or charged. What you tell police may be used against you later, especially if what you tell investigators contradicts what they already know or have been told by others. Additionally, if you let detectives into your home, they may look around the room and seize or anything they believe is evidence of criminal activity.

What to Do When a Warrant Is Issued

If a warrant has been issued for your arrest, our lawyers can help you post the required bail or if necessary to turn yourself in to avoid being arrested at work, at school or in front of your family. Often, we can negotiate a solution that doesn’t involving you going to jail, but not always. In those cases, by turning yourself in, you can demonstrate to the Court that you will not flee and thus have a better chance of release or lower bail. If a high bail is set, then our attorney will also represent you during a bond hearing, requesting that your bond be reduced.

Evidence and Witness Tampering or Obstruction of Justice

Sometimes, people under investigation attempt to influence witnesses, or suppress or destroy records or materials they believe are incriminating. Often these efforts are well meaning and may even involve you asking people to tell the truth. But making those efforts to influence any witnesses could expose you to witness tampering or obstruction of justice charges. Even if you're found innocent of the original allegations and charges against you, you could still be convicted and sent to jail on witness tampering or obstruction of justice charges. Instead of handling this yourself and making a critical error, always seek the advice of an experience sex offense defense attorney before you try to solve this yourself.

Contact Seattle Sex Crimes Investigation Defense Attorney Today!

An investigation for a sexual offense is a complicated and very dynamic process. There are many moving parts, and it is easy to make a mistake that could cost you a great deal down the road. Protecting your rights and understanding the tactics investigators use during a sex crimes investigation is what we have done at the Meryhew Law Group for decades. Better safe than sorry. Before you talk to investigators, contact sex crimes defense attorney at The Meryhew Law Group today.

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