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Juveniles Charged With Sex Offenses: Our Approach

More and more juveniles are charged with sex crimes as our society's sexually permissive attitude toward teen sex collides with a zero-tolerance policy regarding sex offenses. Kids are constantly bombarded with sexualized messages in film and music. When they act according to the attitudes and messages promoted by the media, the State is there, ready to prosecute them as sex offenders. Additionally, in many cases, the consequences for a teen convicted of a sex offense are the same as for an adult.

The Meryhew Law Group, PLLC has been a leader in the legal community in defending juveniles charged with sex offenses. Brad Meryhew recently authored a book chapter on Representing Juveniles Charged with Sex Offenses; Leading Lawyers on Examining Recent Trends in Juvenile Law and Building a Successful Defense, available at (Amazon.com). and has spoken at state and national conferences regarding this important topic.

Juvenile Sex Offenses Attorney in Washington

If your child is facing allegations of a juvenile sex crime in Seattle or in any other city in Washington, you need the help of a competent and experienced juvenile sex crimes lawyer immediately to protect your child from potentially lifelong consequences. If an allegation is new and an investigation has just begun, our juvenile sex offenses attorney can help to protect your child's rights during the CPS investigation, as well as during any police investigations. Don't wait until juvenile sex crimes charges are filed to get a juvenile attorney involved.

Washington Sex Offender Registration

Juvenile offenders in Washington must register as sex offenders until a Court removes that requirement. Jail sentences of months and even years can be imposed for juvenile sex offenses. Your children's lives will never be the same unless the right outcome can be found. It is a very unlikely situation that you can go at the courts alone, contact one of our juvenile sex offender attorney to find out how we can help you and your child in these tough times.

Cell Phones and Nude Photos

Recently, underage teenagers have been charged with distributing and receiving child pornography after sending nude photos of themselves to some of their friends. While it isn't clear how the courts will handle this issue in the state of Washington, teens arrested on charges of child pornography could be charged as an adult or find themselves with a permanent criminal record. However, depending on how the photos were discovered - by a teacher at school, a parent, or unintentionally posted on a MySpace page - other important legal issues may come into play as well.

At The Meryhew Law Group, our sex crime attorney is experienced at working with juveniles charged with sex crimes and their families. We believe that a good decision by a child often requires that there parent's be involved. Our lawyers work to make sure that everyone understands the process and answer any question you or your child may have.

Psychological Evaluations for Child Sex Crimes

A psychological evaluation of a child charged with sexual misconduct can be an opportunity to demonstrate the good qualities of the child, or it can set the child up for severe consequences. At The Meryhew Law Group, our juvenile sex crime attorney work with some of the best evaluators in the State of Washington. We take the time to work with the child before the evaluation so that they are fully prepared to participate. Our attorney is committed to taking whatever time is necessary to insure that our client understands the process and is prepared to fully participate in the evaluation.

Juvenile Sex Offender Sentencing Alternatives

For some juveniles the law provides for a treatment alternative to incarceration for sex offenses. In order to qualify for the treatment alternative a juvenile must be evaluated and found to be willing to admit their offenses, be interested in receiving treatment, and be a low risk to the community. A juvenile given this sentencing alternative, called the Sexual Offender Dispositional Alternative of SODA, remains in the community and participates in treatment for up to two years.

Contacting a Juvenile Sex Crime Defense Lawyer

If you or your child has been accused of a juvenile sex crime, it is essential to find representation from a child sex crime attorney that has the experience in the state of Washington to help you and/or your child with the case. Call our Seattle, Washington Sex Crime Defense Firm at 206-264-1590 for a free consultation or send us an e-mail with a brief description of your situation and concerns.

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