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Immigration Consequences of Sex Offense Convictions

We regularly represent clients who are concerned about the impact of a conviction for a sex offense on their immigration status. There is no question that any criminal conviction can pose a problem for those seeking citizenship or permanent resident status, but the impact of a sex offense can be even more devastating to that effort. If a person does not have documented status the impact can be even more serious.

Our approach in cases where our clients face potential immigration consequences is to be sure that we get them the best possible advice and advocacy in that process. Immigration law is highly technical and we are not experts in immigration law. But we are trained by those experts, and we have been working with immigration attorney and advocates for immigrants for many years to ensure we get our clients the best possible help. We regularly attend trainings on immigration issues and remain up to date on the issues. We also work with some excellent immigration attorney who focus their practice on the impact of criminal convictions on immigration status.

Knowing the potential immigration consequences, and understanding how to advocate and negotiate for clients in this situation, has enabled us to achieve very good results for our immigrant clients. We have had many successes with clients who have been able to stay in the United States and pursue naturalization and permanent status despite being charged with a sex offense. In one recent case our client faced a Class C sex offense that would have certainly have led to the loss of his “green card” or permanent alien status, and would likely lead to him and his family being told to leave the United States. But through our advocacy, and with excellent advice from a local immigration attorney, we were able to persuade the Prosecutor in that case to reduce that charge to a misdemeanor that was not a sex offense, significantly improving his chances of remaining in the United States.

Every case is different, and every client’s situation must be analyzed based on the facts of that person’s entry into the United States. It is critical that the attorney representing you understand the importance and the complication of these issues, and make sure you get accurate and reliable advice regarding this critical issue. At the Meryhew Law Group we are committed to giving you the best possible advice and advocacy as you navigate this complicated and scary process.

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