Civil Consequences of Sex Offenses

At The Meryhew Law Group, PLLC our attorneys offer integrated and comprehensive legal services for our clients in these very difficult cases, including:

Every family law case involves some stress, but sometimes the stress and pressure on you can be immense. When you are accused of abusing your children or of allowing someone else to abuse your children, or when you are accused of domestic violence, the stakes can get very high. Under any of these scenarios you are facing life-altering consequences that require an aggressive, intelligent, and experienced defense. At The Meryhew Law Group, PLLC we work with clients every day who are facing these very serious accusations while fighting to retain their children, families, jobs, homes, reputation, dignity, and their futures.

Allegations of Domestic Violence and Child Abuse

A claim of domestic violence or sexual abuse creates a significant complication to any family law, separation or divorce proceeding. Whether you are charged or not the accused is quickly restricted in many ways. You can lose the right to see your children or any children at all for that matter. You can be restricted from coming near or communicating with your spouse, family members, and your family home. Family court can order psychological and psychosexual evaluations that may or may not be appropriate, and then order you to participate in treatment, regardless of whether any criminal charges are filed.

At The Meryhew Law Group our team of attorneys has extensive experience and skill in defending and advocating for clients in these situations. From the identification of potential causes of false accusations to crafting appropriate treatment and therapeutic options when that is appropriate, our attorneys have an understanding of how to insure that your interests are best protected.

When facing such serious impacts on your life and the lives of your children, you need to work with an attorney who has the experience, judgment and skill to help you navigate the difficult decisions and steps you may have to take.

Family Law for Those Accused of Domestic Violence

Often you find yourself accused of a crime and facing civil actions in family law court at the same time. A criminal charge may be filed against you as well as a civil action such as a dissolution or protection or restraining order asking that you have limited or no contact with family members. At The Meryhew Law Group our attorneys are highly experienced at every phase of the process, including the defense of criminal and civil accusations. When you are accused of a crime it can seem almost impossible to defend yourself in the family law court while the criminal case is going on. At The Meryhew Law Group our team of attorneys includes top notch criminal defense attorneys with a recognized expertise in mounting a vigorous defense along with highly experienced family law attorneys who will insure that everything that can be done to protect your interests in the family law court is done at the same time.We offer a coordinate, skilled and experienced legal defense team that knows how to best advocate for your complex legal needs.

Domestic Violence, Divorce, Child Custody and Visitation Rights

It is not uncommon to have allegations of domestic violence or child sexual abuse come up for the first time during divorce proceedings when child custody and visitation are at issue. At The Meryhew Law Group we have been representing clients facing these circumstances for years and understand how to effectively deal with them. If you are being falsely accused we will thoroughly investigate the facts, prepare your case, and fight hard to set the records straight. If the court has limited your contact with your children, we will help you get back on the right track so you can have a normal relationship with your children. Our attorneys are prepared to address these difficult issues directly and carefully to insure that your rights, and the rights of your family and children, are protected and preserved during these critical court proceedings.

Protection Orders and Restraining Orders

One of the most immediate consequences of an allegation of domestic violence or sexual abuse is usually a petition for a protection order and a court hearing a few days later. Whether it is a petition for a domestic violence protection order, an anti-harassment order or a sexual assault protection order all of these have serious consequences. Courts have the authority to impose temporary and long term orders that include restrictions on your having contact of any sort with a family member or any person or place. The terms of such orders may include freezing bank accounts; immediate changes in child custody arrangements; requiring the surrender of weapons; requiring participation in expensive, invasive and time consuming treatment evaluation and services preventing a person from having any direct indirect contact with their family and others. You can also lose your right to possess a firearm under federal law if certain orders are granted against you. If someone has filed a petition for a protection or restraining order against you, you need to act quickly. Typically, you only have a week or two to organize your defense and appear in court to present your case. At The Meryhew Law Group we are prepared to react quickly and persuasively to these petitions to insure that your rights are not trampled.

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