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Appealing Your Conviction

Sometimes, despite the best efforts of all concerned, a person is convicted at trial and feels the conviction is unjust. Whether they have lost a jury trial, or been given a sentence which contains an illegal requirement or is unjust, an appeal to a higher Court may be the only way for a person to obtain relief from that result.

Our Experience

The Meryhew Law Group can offer you a variety of appellate and post-conviction services. These include direct appeals from criminal convictions, civil commitments and the termination of parental rights. In some circumstances, motions in the trial courts for either a new trial or for relief from judgment may be appropriate. Finally, where the potential errors are outside the court record, we provide representation in the preparation and prosecution of personal restraint petitions.

The Meryhew Law Group has on its staff one of the most experienced and respected appeals attorneys in Washington, David L. Donnan. David is the former Executive Director of the Washington Appellate Project and has been working on criminal appeals, and supervising lawyers working on criminal appeals, for over 22 years. In that time, he has argued many cases before the Superior Court, the Washington Court of Appeals and the Washington Supreme Court.

David lectures on legal topics regularly, and has developed expertise in a number of areas including prosecutorial misconduct, the right to privacy, search and seizure, as well as many other issues. He is a recognized leader in his field, who was dubbed a “Super Lawyer” by Washington Law & Politics in 2006.

Our Approach

At the Meryhew Law Group we pride ourselves on being good listeners and on being good communicators. We believe that a client deserves an experience of justice, and that it is our duty to do everything we can to achieve that sense of a just outcome. The criminal justice system is complex, confusing and in many ways designed to rob defendants of the sense of justice. You need an experienced advocate, who will listen to you and speak to you in ways that you can understand.

If you need help with a criminal appeal, the termination of parental rights, a personal restraint petition, a motion for a new trial or to withdraw a guilty plea, or any of a number of other post-conviction issues, then please give us a call today to schedule a free initial consultation.

Client Reviews
Just so you all know this man is a GOD sent and has my complete blessing and gratitude. [Brad] is one of the most honest and forthright human beings that I have ever met...and he saved my life. Daniel